Our Top Wedding Tips

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Tip #1

There are no rules. Do your wedding your way!

Tip #2

Don’t worry if things don’t go to plan. It’s these moments that make the best memories



Tip #3, Ceremony

We recommend allowing at least 15-20 mins for congratulations/mingling after your ceremony. It’s a really wonderful moment full of so much joy that it’s worth savouring instead of diving straight in to group photos

Tip #4, Group Photos

There is no pressure to have group photos. Some people want them, some people don’t. If you do want group photos, just make sure you factor in enough time for them. When thinking about how many group photos you want and/or have time for, allow 5 minutes for each photo with more than 10 people and 3 minutes for each photo with less than 10 people.

Tip #5, Wrangler/People-Herder/Bossy-McBosspants

We are happy to organise everyone for the group photos if you like, that’s no worries at all. However, one big benefit of having someone else as the dedicated people-wrangler for the group photos is it frees one of us up to take candid photos of the guests throughout this time. This is a wonderful part of the day and is a great opportunity for candid photos of your friends and family. If you prefer we can absolutely organise the guests for the group photos, it will just take a bit longer and just means we can't take candid shots of the guests until we have finished organising the group photos.


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 Tip #6, Photoshoot

First of all, remember tip one. This means your options are endless, we are open to anything. Whatever you decide to do, if you want portraits of the two of you, we highly recommend trying to fit in a sneaky 15-minute shoot at sunset on the wedding day. For summer weddings this often coincides with dessert, so people often don’t even notice you duck out.

 Tip #7, Shoes

In the portrait session we like to go on a walk with you and capture you interacting naturally. This means it’s a good idea to bring a spare pair of shoes that are easy to walk in


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Tip #8, Rain

Rain, we love it! Rain looks so good in photos! So don’t worry if it looks like it’s going to rain on your wedding day, we are game if you are

Tip #9, Warmth

Bring a warm layer that you are happy to wear in photos cause it’s NZ and you never know what the weather will do!


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Tip #10

The Most Important Tip of All

Have fun and party on!