Wedding Videography

Wedding Video

$2,400 NZD / 3-5 minute

$3,400 NZD / 6-10 minute

How we shoot

Just like with our photography, we won’t interfere or stage moments. Instead we let events unfold naturally and capture the real joy of your wedding day in motion, as it happens. The wedding video we create is stylistically similar to our photography, but in motion, capturing your wedding day with movement, as though your photos have come to life.

What the package includes

The wedding video is an artistic highlights reel to music. Here are some details to know about the wedding video created:

  • The team on the day - just like with our photography, it is just the two of us, no big team required. So your wedding will still feel intimate and we will still aim to blend in to the background capturing the day unnoticed

  • The wedding video created is a highlights reel, not full long-form documentary coverage of the day

  • The video is set to music, so speeches and vows are not recorded by us and are not included in the video

  • The length of the wedding video will be determined by the wedding day itself, as such we cannot guarantee an exact video length prior to the wedding

If this is something you are interested in, or if you have any questions about anything at all, just let us know!