Photography Planning Sheet 

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Please send us this information at least two weeks before your wedding

The time plan will help us to know when and where we need to be on the day. The time plan needs to include all location addresses and all important events (first dance, speeches, etc) occuring during the day. The time plan should look something like this: 9.00am - Partner One getting hair styled at [location address] 10.30am - Partner Two getting ready at [location address] 11.45am - Partner One getting ready with Wedding Party at [location address] 1.15pm - Partner Two drives to ceremony [location address] 1.30pm - Guests start to arrive at ceremony 2.00pm - Partner One arrives at ceremony 2.30pm - Ceremony finishes 2.30pm - Couple mingle with guests outside ceremony [location] 2.45pm - Group photo with all wedding guests outside ceremony...
Please provide both of your contact numbers as well as a name and contact number for someone that will be with each of you when you are getting ready in the morning
Please list all formal group photos. Please include a name for the group photo + the name of each person you would like included in the photo (for example, Smith Immediate family: Sarah, John, Rachel, Grace, Roger, Tim, Anna, Megan, Ben, James, Sam, Alan, Anthony, Dan, and Lucas) *When thinking about how many formal photos you want and/or have time for, please allow 5 minutes for each photo with more than 10 people and 3 minutes for each photos with less than 10 people
You don't have to feed us. But if a main meal isn't provided we will need to leave the venue to get ourselves some grub. The location of your venue determines how long that will take us. If your venue is an hour away from the nearest town, and/or if you are planning to have unmissable speeches throughout dinner, it could be logistically easier to provide dinner for us at the venue.
If there are any special things you would like photos of that we may not know about (eg a piece of fabric woven into a dress or other sentimental items) please let us know. Also let us know where these items will be on the day.


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